I have always had a deep passion for interiors and enjoyed expressing myself creatively. Even as a child, I would construct homes from cardboard boxes and redecorate my bedroom frequently. When I step into an empty space, my mind effortlessly visualizes the lines, shapes and colours. The beauty of materials fascinates me and I appreciate how they can harmoniously form something truly extraordinary. Creating beautiful and captivating spaces is an integral part of who I am. The University of the Arts London holds a special place in my journey, as it was there that I truly discovered my innate connection to the world of interiors.

At the studio, we design spaces that elicit a profound sense of awe and wonder, leaving the clients captivated by aesthetically beautiful, harmonious ambience we create. Our team is committed to bringing the client vision to life, while ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail. We tailor every aspect of the design process to suit individual tastes and preferences. We believe that every object should possess a distinctive and exceptional quality that allows it to stand out on its own, while also harmonizing seamlessly when combined with other furnishings.

Art plays a dual role in our design process. Firstly , it serves as an integral part of developing the design narrative right from the inception of a project. It helps shape the overall concept and aesthetic, adding depth and meaning to the space. Secondly , art is a vital element in completing interior spaces, acting as the final touch that brings harmony, character and a sense of completion to the overall design. By carefully selecting and incorporating art pieces, we ensure that the spaces we create are truly elevated, timeless and elegant.