I am beyond excited to introduce GOLDEN FEATHERS - timelessly chic, elegant and sophisticated cushion collection. The inspiration stems from the fluidity of the sea and its evolving colours emerging from the sun’s reflection during the day, highlighting the force of expression and inspiration. Elegantly blending the classic with the contemporary, the collection ranges from calm, warm neutral tones to rich, opulent darker shades, almost like the sea changing its colours during the day. Elegantly shimmering silks, soft velvets and contrasting metallic fabrics combined to satisfy the senses and celebrate the passion and depth of sensual worlds of colour.

The collection is a mixture of plain, pattern and texture using the highest quality fabrics and trimmings. Superior quality fabrics presented in a glamorours colour palette of gold, pearl , turquoise and shades of blue.

Sophisticated, luxurious collection handcrafted by skilled artisans. With their soft and luxurious feel , these cushions are perfect to add visual interest to your interiors.